Medtutoria Is the Premier E-Learning Medical Tutorial Platform For Ghanaian Medical and Dental Council Participants.


Medutoria is the premier E-learning medical tutorial plaftorm with a framework in which Ghanaian Medical and Dental Council examination participants can study and gain proper understanding  of subject matters in Medicine, Obstetrics and Gyneocology, Paediatrics, Surgery, and Community Medicine.

Our Vision

To encourage and the optimize success rates for Ghanaian Medical and Dental examination particpants.

What we offer

Medutoria is an online based tutoring program which provides necessary MCQ’s and Essay, OSCE and Viva questions (with explanations), Mock exams, Counseling, Clerking and Physical examination guides.

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Why Medtutoria

The first ever online based MDC learning platform. Join now and start your journey to success.

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